The Rooster's Calling.

After its foundation in 1972, Australia’s beloved franchise Red Rooster quickly became a household name and a key player within the world of comfort food. Known for its hearty selection of family-friendly meals, the brand stands out from the rest by providing a modern twist on dinner table classics, night-after indulgences and now crunchy fried chicken!

Having witnessed significant technological advances in professional food videography and photography, Red Rooster has hit the spot with what it takes for advertising to make a long-lasting impact. Making all the right moves to adapt its identity to changing times, Red Roosters’ approach to commercial advertising constantly plays with out of the box ideas. The team at Coastal Creatives wanted to capture the vibrancy of this youthful tone by creating cinematic food videography that is equally as bold and energetic.

Reaching out for a fresh approach to their social marketing output, Red Rooster tasked our team to produce promotional content for their Spicy Fried Chicken range. We created both brand and professional food videography to capture their product for a bank of interactive assets to be used in a full-funnel social media marketing strategy.

Our multi-talented team of Sydneysiders created a quality collection of unique, eye-catching and engaging brand videography. Using a mixture of bold colours, clean and contrasted lighting, quality food preparation and design, emerging talent and high-impact movement, we were able to bring Red Roosters’ new flavour range to life. We were stoked with the result, and so was the crew at Red Rooster, who invited us back to produce a further three campaigns.

Over the past four months, Coastal Creatives have developed Red Rooster campaigns that include studio and location productions involving some incredible talent. For each campaign, we looked after the entire production. From direction, client collaboration, pulling large crews for production and post-production for implementation into multiple social media channels.

Let it be known that securing footage of different types of chicken being tossed in slow motion is not a simple walk across the road, but it proved some hilarious behind-the-scenes moments! To get some unique shots, we used a ‘probe lens’ which is ideal for manoeuvring through objects at an insanely close focusing distance, making everything look a lot bigger on screen. We’re super proud to see this campaign come to life and can’t wait to see what is in store for Red Rooster next!

Suppose you’re looking for a new take on your business’s marketing material. In that case, our crew of industry-leading photographers and videographers are ready and raring to get your vision off the ground. See what our content production agency can offer your business, or check out our previous work to get a flavour of what we do best.

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