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Welcome back to a new and improved Monday Mood! With Australian music festivals back in full swing, we wanted to take a trip down memory lane through some of our favourite festival aftermovies and why they are an effective brand marketing strategy for large and small scale events.

music festivals are back and THANK GOD!

If you haven’t already caught up on the flood of Instagram stories following the mayhem of Coachella 2022, first of all, what the hell were you doing? Secondly, there’s still time! With the festival now wrapped for another year, the official Coachella Music Festival aftermovie has hit the socials, and it’s filling our souls to the brim with that torturous FOMO, take a look below.

If, like us, you find yourself regularly indulging in these visual transportations to music's most exuberant events, you will have likely kept tabs on some of the biggest festivals around the world. I mean, that’s the point of a festival aftermovie right? To feel as though you were right there amidst all the action. To confirm that, yes, you need to buy a ticket to next year’s event. And that yes, you missed out on a LOT of fun.

The Emotional Pull Of Festival Aftermovies

Festival aftermovie have been around since the pre-internet era when festival goers would record their experience on tape to sell it forward after the event. These days, festival organisers take matters into their own hands, onboarding a specialised film production company to create an aesthetic and envious documentary trailer. And it’s possibly one of the most effective promotional strategies in entertainment marketing around the globe.

Besides providing an alluring insight into the actual music festival itself, festival aftermovies are one of the best ways to increase the festival’s brand exposure and connect with new and old attendees on a whole other level.

CC: Coachella Instagram @coachella

It’s no news to anyone that FOMO hits the hardest when we can actually see what’s going on at an event. And FOMO, in recent years, has become the predominant emotional trigger for entertainment marketing. The key is to achieve this emotional connection through aesthetically captivating and excitement-inducing visual content that makes audiences feel like they need to be there.

Take Tomorrowland 2012 music festival for example. While highlighting the key aspects of the festival and the incredible scale of the event, the 20-minute-long movie also creates a great sense of community through the particular filming styles and shots used. It gives a fully immersive experience to viewers, offering the best insight into everything that went down. To give you an idea of the influence of the aftermovie; in 2012 180,000 people attended Tomorrowland and over 45 million people viewed the aftermovie on YouTube in the same year. Tickets for the festival in the following year sold out in record time.

Even more recent is the footage captured at this year’s Pitch Music and Arts Festival. The fusion of wide aerials with intimate close ups of event activities, costume materials and environmental textures alone create a great sense of divine pleasure, all the while foregrounding the genuinity of contentment among the festival attendees. If that’s not enough to get your FOMO radar pinging, we don’t know what will!

" intimate close ups of event activities, costume materials and environmental textures alone create a great sense of divine pleasure"

Festival Aftermovie Production.

Festival aftermovies are truly the best way to give viewers and potential attendees a front row view into the magnetic energy and culture of the event each year. With technology ever-evolving and trends coming and going, there are endless avenues to capturing a music festival in a unique and engaging way.

A few years back, the Coachella Music Festival after film produced a cinematic affair in a parallax view that allowed for a heightened sense of scale and festival culture, encouraging excitement without the need for harsh musical escalation in the video’s background. At the time, parallax video production techniques were fresh on the scene, making the festival aftermovie one of the most engaging and well-circulated trailers in Coachella after film history.

Taking a completely different route is one of our personal favourite aftermovies from the iconic Burning Man Music Festival back in 2016. Produced by a skilled attendee, this festival aftermovie takes a unique POV to create an immersive perspective into the nine-day event, giving viewers an intimate expedition into what is probably the most alluring and eccentric festival in the world. Additionally, the use of drone filming techniques offers an effective way to highlight the magnitude of the large-scale festival, offering viewers a realistic view of the event.

After a two year hiatus for music festivals around the world, now more than ever the humble festival aftermovie holds a weight of power within entertainment marketing. There really is no better way to showcase the event than exactly as it is. Festival aftermovies provide an experiential gaze into all the hype and excitement, teasing past and future attendees with an experience they desire to know and feel themselves.

Looking to create your own experiential magic? Reach out to see how our film production team can help bring your event to life. Happy Monday you beautiful people, enjoy the rest of your week and make sure you absolutely crush it! We'll see you soon.

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