Happy Monday you beautiful people! Welcome to our first edition of ~MONDAY MOOD~ and what better way to introduce the series than with our favorite face, Elke Kahler, actress, model and all round comedian... well she thinks so at least ;)

But, it's raining...

When we reached out to shoot this collab, we asked Elke, what's her biggest 'mood'. There and then, with the rain bucketing down outside, the prominent beach goer, snapped back "I just want to lounge in my bikini and wait for the sun." So we did just that, with an honorable mention to the great Slim Aarons, one of the greatest photographers of all time, with one of the greatest table topping books, that's a mood in itself!

While we lounge we thought we'd ask Elke what some of her favorite things are, she listed a few... hold ya breath.

"Getting shredded for summer, eating, music, coastal walks, drinking juice, watching Netflix, long blacks, more eating, Facetiming people, having friends cook for me... and eating their cooking, not going to sleep early, watching the sunrise (occasionally), watching romcoms, getting annoyed at dating apps, laying in the sun & reading psycho cybernetics, you've got options.", she typed frantically via a million separate messages.

Wait... I've seen that chick before.

There's not many people in Bondi who haven't seen this face before, whether its on a bus stop, on your TV, or getting the steps in walking the promenade. Elke is a pretty popular chicka around the east.

Funnily enough, she isn't just passing the time reading Slim Aarons books and lounging in her kini, Elke has been studying acting for nearly 5 years now, booking regular TVC's, content pieces, consistent presenting work and has made notable appearances in numerous short films & web series, not to mention the many return flights to LA to study with some of the top names in the industry.

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