Happy MAGICAL MOVEMENT MONDAY everyone! In this edition of Monday Mood we caught up with the ray of sunshine, Gab Turco.

A ray of sunshine.

If you have ever met, or get the pleasure of meeting Gab, the term 'pocket rocket' comes to mind. Gab is an absolute ray of light, no matter the day, any conversation with her will begin with a positively radiant twist on the average, mundane day of the week; "Happy Terrific Tuesday!", "Therapeutic Thursday", and so on and so forth.

"The power lies within one's self to determine how one's day can unravel."

Boogie Boogie and uh... Boogie...

Gab has been movin' her hips since 2002 when her mum enrolled her into ballet, ever since her love & passion for dancing has grown. Now she leans more towards hip hop movement as you can probably tell.

Before we get deep, let's go behind the scenes on our shoot...

"I'm an absolute sucker for anything RNB & HIP HOP."

One thing we wanted to ask Gab, and I'm sure a lot of you are wondering, is how she keeps so positive day to day, through thick and thin? "Over the years it's taken some time to get where I am today. However I've come to my own conclusion that the power lies within one's self to determine how the day can unravel. As a result, I've taken it upon myself to set the tone for each day by finding beauty, within the ordinary, to experience the extraordinary".

How's that for a hit of positivity to start the day?! If you want to check out more about this chicka or just need an instagram that makes you smile from day to day, make sure you hit her up @gabriellaturco_ on Instagram.

In the words of one of the brightest we know, Have a MAGICAL MONDAY you beautiful people!

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