Welcome to the first MONDAY MOOD of 2021! (Let's hope this year goes a bit better). Today's mood we decided to float around with one of the kindest souls we've met, Eve Baker. Eve is a photographer that focuses her attention on two subjects that seem to sit on either ends of the spectrum, the ocean & the streets.

Urban or Ocean?

Yup... Two completely different subject matters, Eve puts it in words we can understand, "for me, the ocean is a place of calm and natural beauty, the streets are a place of chaos and unpredictability. Together, that's pretty much life isn't it!?". We couldn't have put it better ourselves, especially after the year this world had.

Fish... in water?

Eve has been shooting for over a year now but that doesn't mean she's new the the 'ocean life'. Eve has been swimming since the age of 6, and professionally on an international level for years, so really, all she had to do was add on a camera and she was set!

"I'm just trying to convey a feeling... sharing moments that emote something in each of us"

One take-away Eve Baker please.

Eve isn't just shooting so she can have a pretty instagram (but definitely check her out @beingeve_), she also sells her images as prints on her website. So you can have a little piece of this gentle soul in your home and trust us, after hanging out with her for just one morning, we will definitely showing off some pieces in our office!

Happy Monday you beautiful people, enjoy the rest of your week and make sure you absolutely dominate 2021! we'll see you soon.

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