It's a MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY MOOD this week, Angus has had a basketball in his hand ever since primary school, and the school noticed he had some hops... well, it was time to meet the weight room. But don't pigeon hole Angus as a jock, he handles a camera just as well if not better than a basketball.

Meaningful Memes.

Angus is a true master at his craft, if you have a look at his website you'll see what we're talking about. However it doesn't stop at crispy, clean professional films, he caries his skills through to the more 'mainstream' media as well. his Instagram is a field of the hilarious works.

"We know what it takes to get your story from a brain wave to a finished product that has the power to influence and help others."

Fitness films galore.

As you look over Ang's work, you'll notice a common theme that pops up here, there any everywhere! That theme is the booming fitness industry, Angus has found himself growing up in the thick of this industry within Australia, more specifically, Bondi Beach. His clients, PTP, Coaching Zone, the 440 and Speedo's will vouch for his work.

Oh, so he just does fitness stuff?

Please oh please do not think this man stopped as the king of the fitness game, he's dabbled in a few other brands that have probably crossed your paths. Just ask Industrie, Chargrill Charlies, Red Bull, and ASOS. Don't forget to chase him up on Instagram and pop by his Website for a looksie.

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